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Pricing and Shipping

Please note that we do not aim to make a profit. However, we must charge you for our products and services to cover part of our costs. This price list is also available for download as a PDF: http://ezrc.kit.edu/downloads/EZRC_Pricing_Info.pdf



Please search the list of EZRC zebrafish lines at http://ezrc.kit.edu/catalog.php for available lines, or download it as a text file from http://ezrc.kit.edu/downloads/catalog.txt. We ship zebrafish only as bleached embryos.

Search the list of plasmids at http://www.herbi.kit.edu/search_menu.php. Plasmid DNA is provided as a dry spot on a filter paper, to academic customers only.



Official orders are placed by sending the completed and duly signed order form to EZRC-RequestsZec5∂kit edu. Go to "View shopping cart" on the website to generate a filled EZRC order form.


Product Categories


WT embryos

Provided in quantities of 200.

WT adults

Provided in quantities of 5 pairs.

Tg/mut embryos

Provided in quantities of at least 30 (up to 120 depending on fertilization success), generally from an IVF or outcross against AB wild-type females. In some cases an incross may be performed. Information on the type of cross will be provided with the shipment.

Sanger embryos

Provided in quantities of at least 30 (up to 120 depending on fertilization success), from an IVF or outcross against AB wild-type females. If not enough embryos are generated by IVF and not enough sperm samples are available to retry, we will instead grow up the line and ship embryos from identified carriers when they are ready. This may increase shipping time to 4 months or more. Note that we cannot reduce your price in this case.

Tg/mut adults, Sanger adults

Identified adults provided in quantities of 3 pairs.


5 μg of plasmid DNA is provided as a dry spot on a filter paper, to academic customers only.


Additional items available on request:

Snail eggs

Eggs of Planorbella sp. provided in quantities of 100.

Introduction to IVF/sperm freezing

A 1-day introduction for 2 participants.

Sperm cryopreservation and storage

For 1 line, includes preparation of 6 samples, IVF testing of one sample and 5 years storage of the remaining samples.




Item (unit size) Academic Commercial
WT embryos (200 embryos) € 150  € 300
WT adults (5 pairs) € 50 *
Tg/mut embryos (30 or more embryos) € 300 € 600
Sanger embryos (30 or more embryos) € 550 € 1,100
Tg/mut adults, Sanger adults (3 pairs) € 550 € 1,100
Plasmid (5µg) € 75 n.a.
Snail eggs (100 eggs) € 20 € 40
Introduction to IVF/sperm freezing (2 participants, 1 day) € 732 *
Sperm cryopreservation and storage (1 line) € 900** *


* NOTE: For-profit organisation shall please contact us for information on availability and prices and to request a quotation.


** NOTE: Cryopreservation and storage fee may be waived if EZRC has a strong interest in distribution and no archiving funds are provided by customer’s grant.


Prices were published on January 12, 2018. With publication of this price list, all previously published price lists expire. All prices shall be understood to be plus VAT as required by law. Packing and transport will be charged additionally.


Box charges

For zebrafish orders a € 30 box charge is applied per box. Some shipments may require multiple boxes.

Processing fees

A fee is charged to cover the costs associated with documents, billing and invoicing.


Processing fee per invoice  
Zebrafish (EU countries) € 20 
Zebrafish (non-EU countries) € 100


Please note, if additional health certifications and/or import permits are required, we will bill you for the actual charges.

Shipping charges

You will be billed for the actual shipping charges by KIT.


Conditions and Payment Information


Material Transfer Agreement

You will receive the appropriately filled MTA from us by mail, or it will be generated for you by the online ordering system. For your information only, an EZRC MTA template is available from: http://ezrc.kit.edu/downloads/EZRC_MTA_Form.pdf

Terms and conditions

The provisions of the Material Transfer Agreement and – subsidiarily – KIT’s "Standard Conditions of Sale of Deliveries and Services (AVB/LL)" as of 24 October 2016 (which we will be pleased to send you on request) shall apply exclusively. Other terms shall not be part of the contract, even if they are not denied expressly. The prices as per EZRC‘s current respective price list shall apply. 

Terms of payment

Immediately after delivery and invoicing. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL YOU RECEIVE AN INVOICE FROM US.