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Product categories and pricing

We ship zebrafish only as bleached embryos.


Embryos are provided in quantities of 100, always from an incross.


Embryos are provided in quantities of 30, either from an incross or an outcross against AB wild-type based on availability of females. Information on the type of cross will be provided with the shipment. Please note that we may freeze this line at any time, so order soon!


These lines are currently being grown up. We will ship embryos when carriers are ready, which may increase shipping time to 6 months or more. Please note that we may freeze this line as soon as carriers are available, so order soon!


We attempt to provide embryos in quantities of 30, from in vitro fertilization of AB eggs with frozen sperm. However, if not enough embryos are generated and not enough sperm samples are available to retry, we will instead grow up the line and ship embryos when carriers are ready. This may increase shipping time to 6 months or more. Note that we cannot reduce your price in this case.


5 μg of plasmid DNA is provided as a dry spot on a filter paper, to academic customers only.


Item (unit size) Academic Commercial
Wild-type (100 embryos) € 50 € 100
Living, Living* (30 or more embryos) € 125 € 250
Frozen (30 or more embryos) € 450 € 900
Plasmid (5μg) € 50 n.a.
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Additional charges

Box charges

For zebrafish orders a € 30 box charge is applied per box. Some shipments may require multiple boxes.

Processing fees

A fee is charged to cover the costs associated with documents, billing and invoicing.

Processing fee per invoice
Zebrafish (EU countries), plasmids€ 10
Zebrafish (non-EU countries)€ 110

Please note, if additional health certifications and/or import permits are required, we will bill you for the actual charges.

Shipping charges

You will be billed for the actual shipping charges by KIT.

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