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We welcome submission of fish lines and plasmids that you want to make available for public distribution.

Zebrafish lines

After acceptance of your submission form please send us preferably 15 - 20 identified males 6 - 12 months old. If that is not possible, send approx. 300 embryos. You must also provide a protocol and any specific reagents required for identification.  

We will generate at least 6 sperm samples and perform a test IVF with a seventh sample. After successful testing you will receive an invoice.

We charge 900 € for the freezing of a line. The freezing charge may be waived if EZRC has a strong interest in distributing the line, and no funds for the archiving are provided by the submitter's grant.

This charge includes 5 years of storage. After that period the samples may be destroyed unless the line is licensed to us for distribution under our standard MTA, or the contract for storage is renewed.

While we will store your private lines without knowledge of their identity, all lines to be licensed to us for distribution must have a ZFIN record and approved nomenclature. Please contact ZFIN at nomenclature_coordinators∂zfin org for nomenclature assistance.

For questions regarding submitting a fish line please contact Jana Maier or Robert Geisler at EZRC-Submissions∂itg kit edu. 


For submission of plasmids please contact Larissa Kaufmann at herbi∂herbi.kit.edu.